19, 20, 21  july  2019
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  an extreme pyrenees • an infinite path
19, 20, 21  july  2019

GRAN TRAIL ANETO-POSETS 105 km / 6.760 m+

40.7 km above 2,000 m.
10.1 km of tarmac / 20.8 km of track / 57.9 km of footpath / 16.2 km off path.

Gran Trail Aneto-Posets goes through varied terrain, from dirt roads and narrow paths, to snowfields and rock and boulder scrambling around the highest peaks in the Pyrenees: Aneto (3,404 m) and Posets (3,375 m).

The course links the above peaks. Gran Trail must be accomplished in semi self-sufficiency. The course will start and finish in the town of Benasque and goes around Aneto peak, heading towards La Renclusa hut. Then it goes to the Barrancs Valley, climbs Salenque Hill (2,797 m) and heads towards Vallibierna Valley and Sierra Negra mountains. Halfway through the course, it passes Benasque again, and then climb up to Cerler peak. Once there, it descends to the picturesque town of Anciles and then it gets to Eriste to start going around Posets peak. In this section, it will go over the highest point, Forqueta Pass at 2,900 m. Then it descends to Biadós hut and follows the GR11 path that leads to the Estós hut, in order to finish the course back in Benasque.

Runners who complete the 2019 edition of the Gran Trail Aneto-Posets will get 5 ITRA points.

  • Category
  • Absolute male and female
  • Veteran A male and female
  • Veteran B male and female
  • Inscription limit
  • 350 Runners.
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