19, 20, 21  julio  2019
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19, 20, 21  julio  2019



When the date of the seventh edition of Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto-Posets has been confirmed for 19th, 20th and 21st July 2019, we will present the registration form that we have decided to use for this edition.

Following last year's experience, when practically all the places on offer for the 5 races sold out in 24 hours, we believe it is necessary to take measures so that all of you have the same opportunity to take part in these marvellous mountain races.

To sum up, the registration process for the 5 races in 2019 will be based on an open pre-registration process over several days, and afterwards, if there are more pre-registrations than available places, a draw will be held.

The deadlines will be as follows:


  • From Friday 11th January at 12:00 hours to Monday 21st January at 12:00 hours: pre-registration for all races. 

    • Pre-registration will be free of charge and applicants must fill in all the required personal details including the link accrediting results in order to take part in Gran Trail and Vuelta al Aneto (check Regulation conditions).

    • Pre-registration may be individual or for several runners at the same time. In the case of multiple pre-registrations, one person may enter up to a maximum of 5 runners (for the same or different races).

Runners who want to run as a group are recommended to take advantage of multiple pre-registrations. A group may also decide to submit individual pre-registrations at the same time and consequently be consecutive on the pre-registration list for the draw.

    • It is very important to fill in the e-mail fields with the correct address as this will be the method used for communication between the runners and the organisation. With multiple pre-registrations the e-mail of each runner must be provided and not just one for all of them.

    • Pre-registration is limited to one per person for all the races. This means that the same person can only pre-register in one race.



  • 23rd January: The official list of pre-registered runners will be published with a number assigned to each one. This list will be prepared in order of pre-registration. We must emphasise our recommendation that any runners who want to be close to their friends on the list must coordinate their pre-registration to be done on the same day at the same time, or through a multiple pre-registration.

  • 24th January: draw Coinciding with the official presentation of the event at FITUR, a single number will be drawn as the point from which pre-registered runners on the list will be included in the races.
    The draw by race is as follows:

    • Gran Trail Aneto-Posets: 350 places

    • Vuelta al Aneto: 850 places

    • Las Tucas Marathon: 1100 places

    • Vuelta al Pico Cerler: 1050 places

    • Vuelta al Molino de Cerler: 400 places



  • 30th January to 6th February: during this period the runners who were in the draw must complete their registration in the races through a form sent by e-mail from the organisation.

    • To complete registration, please enclose your Federation license and pay the full registration fees.

    • Any runners who do not complete their registration during this period will automatically lose their place. Registration forms must be received before 23:59 hours on 6th February.

  • From 7th February: if any places in the races have not been filled after the registration and payment completion period, the next people on the draw list will be informed and if they are still interested in running, they may fcomplete their registration until all the places have been filled.



  • Registration fees for the different races in 2019:

    • Gran Trail Aneto-Posets: €100

    • Vuelta al Aneto: €75

    • Las Tucas Marathon: €55

    • Vuelta al Pico Cerler: €37

    • Vuelta al Molino de Cerler: €21

  • As mentioned previously, in order to complete registration after the draw, you must attach your 2019 Federation Card covering mountain races in Spain. Licences for 2019 can be processed from December 2018. We recommend everybody to do this in time in order to be ready to complete registration. If you do not have a license yet, we will accept a receipt from the relevant Federation accrediting that it is being processed. It must then be sent at a later date to inscripciones@trail-aneto.com.

  • All runners who do not hold any card as an affiliated member of a federation that covers mountain races in Spain (such as FEDME, AE Trail, Caving, etc.; any licenses that are limited to a certain autonomous community and offer no coverage in Aragon are not valid) must pay an additional fee of €6 to process a one-day licence.

  • To cancel your registration there is a Cancellation Form available for runners on the event website.

  • Registration Cancellation Insurance: the organisation provides registered runners with a cancellation insurance at a cost of €6.00 which will give runners the right to 100% refund of their registration fees until the MONDAY before the race, 15th July. This insurance may only be taken out when completing your registration.

  • For runners who choose not to take out this Cancellation Insurance, part of the registration fee will be returned based on the following table:


30/01 to 31/03

01/04 to 15/05

16/05 to 15/06

Gran Trail Aneto-Posets




Vuelta al Aneto




Las Tucas Marathon




Vuelta al Pico Cerler




Vuelta al Molino Cerler





  • When all the available places for runners are filled, no race or name changes will be allowed in registrations. Likewise, no waiting lists will be opened for any of the races. As in previous years registrations are managed according to an overbooking policy, meaning we allow more registrations than available places at the moment of the draw in order to anticipate possible cancellations.

  • The Organiser reserves the right of admission at all times; anyone who attempts to participate using someone else’s race number will not be allowed to start the race. Should anyone attempt to do so and the Organiser becomes aware of it during or after the race, they will be automatically disqualified. The Organiser also reserves the right not to let them participate in future editions of this event.

  • Registration in the teams category (only Gran Trail and Vuelta al Aneto) will open once the individual registration deadline has expired in the month of July, a few days before the event.

  • Only credit card payment is allowed. For those who cannot pay with a credit card, please contact the Organiser by sending an email to: inscripciones@trail-aneto.com.


All the technical information regarding the 2019 event (Regulations, Timetables, Route Book, etc) will be published on the website www.trail-aneto.com later on.

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