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Registration conditions

After last year's experience making pre-registration and drawing of almost all the tests, this year we will use a new formula. We want everyone to opt for the opportunity to formalize the registration, that the places are filled with really interested brokers and that the process be easier.

We believe that it is a fairer system, always taking into account the difficulty of satisfying all runners and taking into account that there are more interested than places available.

Therefore: there will be no raffle in any of the tests, the inscriptions will be by direct registration.

In addition, we open the range of possibilities when registering by offering two days and two registration times for each test. In this way, if you do not enter a distance, you can choose the following.

27/01/2020 12: 00h Great Trail Aneto-Posets 200
28/01/2020 7:00 p.m. Great Trail Aneto-Posets 150
29/01/2020 12: 00h Return to Aneto 450
30/01/2020 7:00 p.m. Return to Aneto 400
31/01/2020 12: 00h Marathon of the Tucas 600
03/02/2020 7:00 p.m. Marathon of the Tucas 500
04/02/2020 12: 00h Tour of Cerler Peak 550
05/02/2020 7:00 p.m. Tour of Cerler Peak 500
06/02/2020 12: 00h Return to the Mill 200
07/02/2020 7:00 p.m. Return to the Mill 200
10/02/2020 12: 00h KV Aneto-Posets 150



  • Registration Fees for the different tests in 2020:
    • Great Trail Aneto-Posets: € 100
    • Return to Aneto: € 75
    • Marathon of the Tucas: € 60
    • Tour of Cerler Peak: € 37
    • Return to the Cerler Mill: € 25
    • KV Aneto-Posets: € 20


  • As in previous editions it will be necessary for federated brokers to send us the federative card of the year 2020 that covers the modality of mountain races in Spain. All those who have it available at the time of registration can attach it in the same form. For those who do not have it at the time of registration we will enable a form on the web so you can send it to the organization before March 31.


  • All those participants who do not have any federation card that covers the practice of Mountain Racing in Spain (type FEDME, AE Trail, Caving ... -Autonomous licenses that do not cover Aragon do not work-), must pay a supplement of 6€ to process a day license.


  • To unsubscribe, there will be a withdrawal form available to the broker on the event website.


  • Cancellation Insurance Registration: the organization will make available to the registered brokers a cancellation insurance with a cost of 6 € which allows to recover 100 % of the registration until MONDAY before the test, July 13. This insurance can only be requested at the time of registration.


  • For those brokers who do not contract the Cancellation Insurance, a part of the registration fee will be returned based on the following table:
CAREER 01/27 to 05/15 05/16 to 06/15
Great Trail Aneto-Posets 55 € 25 €
Return to Aneto 40 € 20 €
Marathon of the Tucas 30 € 15 €
Tour of Cerler Peak 20 € 10 €
Return to the Cerler Mill 15 € 5 €
KV Aneto-Posets 15 € 5 €


  • Once all the places have been completed no career or name changes will be allowed in the inscriptions. Likewise, no waiting lists will open in any of the tests. As in previous editions, registrations are managed with overbooking, that is, we admit more runners than available places, in order to anticipate possible cancellations.


  • The organization reserves at all times the Admission rights, those who try to participate with another person's number may not take the exit. In the event that someone does so and is detected by the organization during or after the test, they will be automatically disqualified and the organization reserves the right not to let them participate in subsequent editions of this event.


  • Registration for the equipment category (only for Grand Trail and Aneto Tour) will open, once the individual registration period has ended, in July, a few days before the test.