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Little aneto

One more year, the “Peque Aneto” test will return to the Great TrailTrangoworld Aneto-Posets so that the little ones can also enjoy their career in Benasque.

With Peque Aneto, the little ones will be able to enjoy the same or more than the adults in this great mountain racing party.

These are its characteristics:

  • Non-competitive test for children from 3 to 14 years to play during the morning of Saturday July 18 in Benasque.
  • Registration is free and will be formalized the same weekend, no prior registration is necessary.
  • Participation will be limited to 500 children by strict order of registration.
  • Registration must be made by a responsible adult indicating to the volunteer staff name, surname and age of the participating child and signing a responsibility sheet that will be delivered to the organization, which will include permission to take pictures of the activity by the organization of the GTTAP.
  • Each participant will be given, at the time of formalizing the registration, the number to participate in the test and the gifts of the collaborators. At the end of the test all participants will have their “finisher” medal of this fourth edition of Peque Aneto.


  • Categories (per year completed on the day of the test):
    • Benjamin –From 3 to 6 years–, 150 m route (from Plaza Mayor to the finish line of the Great Trail Aneto-Posets).
    • Fry –7 to 11 years–, 500 m route (exit at Av. De los Tilos following Llausia Square, San Marcial Street, Town Hall Square, Horno Street, Main Street and Finish Line of the Great Aneto-Posets Trail) .
    • Children -from 12 to 14 years - 1 km route (2 laps to the same route as the fry).
  • Schedule Program:

    • Friday, July 17:
      • From 11am to 11pm: registration and collection of numbers in the Sports Hall
    • Saturday July 18:
      • From 9.30 am to 10.45 am: registration and collection of bibs in Llausia square (as long as bib numbers are available).
      • 11.00: departure from the Children's category.
      • 11.30: departure from the Alevín category
      • 11.45: departure from the Benjamin category.

"enjoy running The little ones also run in the GTTAP