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Article 1. The Organization


La Asociación Turística y Empresarial del Valle de Benasque y Prames, con el patrocinio de Trangoworld y la asesoría técnica de Peña Guara, son los organizadores del GRAN TRAIL TRANGOWORLD ANETO-POSETS formado por tres recorridos: «Gran Trail Aneto-Posets», «Vuelta al Aneto» y «Maratón de las Tucas»


Article 2. Support provisioning


  • The "Great Trail Aneto-Posets", the "Tour of the Aneto" and the "Marathon of the Tucas" are disputed in semi-self-sufficiency (understood by this term that the number of supplies requires runners to carry their own food and drink for the sections between supplies).
  • There will be liquid and solid supplies at various control points.
  • The Organization will require that each participant transport the food they deem necessary for a semi-self-sufficiency test, with the number of numbers marked on the packaging.
  • The control points that are located in the sheltered shelters of the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation will have showers and bunk beds so that the runners can rest and clean themselves.
  • There will be refreshment service on arrival for all runners.


Article 3. Marking, map and Road Book.


  • The itineraries of the tests will be marked by the beacons of the organization and, where appropriate, by the marks of the PR and GR trails; especially the most dangerous areas and crossings and detours where there is a risk of loss will be marked.
  • A map with the itinerary, the mandatory control points of each route, the medical assistance posts and the points of possible return to Benasque will be delivered to all runners.
  • The Road Book will be provided with the most relevant aspects of each section of the routes and the track of each route for GPS on the website.


Article 4. Control Points (PC)


Participants, under their responsibility, must pass through the PCs and verify their passage through the timing system corresponding to each control. The PCs will be clearly visible and provided with voluntary staff of the organization. It is mandatory that all runners carry visible dorsal in the front when passing through the PCs so that the volunteers can take note of the passage of all the runners. All PCs are mandatory and not going through them implies disqualification. Participants are responsible for recording their passage through each PC either through the electronic system or by teaching and naming their number to volunteers based on each control. The runners who retire must notify the organization at any checkpoint or at the goal of their withdrawal.


Article 5. Security of proof


  • The Organization will place in certain points of the route and in the specialized personal control points responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of this staff, who will be properly identified.
  • In case of abandonment, it must be communicated as soon as possible to the staff of the closest organization.
  • Medical personnel and ambulances will be available at strategic points along the route to intervene if necessary.
  • If the weather conditions advise, there will be an alternative route that will be conveniently communicated at the technical meeting.
  • In case of bad weather conditions or for security reasons, the Organization reserves the right to stop the test, modify the route or vary the time limits.
  • There is also a rescue and evacuation plan if necessary, coordinated by the GREIM mountain services of the Civil Guard.
  • A broom team responsible for closing the race will check the passage of all participants.




  • It is a high mountain race, which often runs off-road. They pass through snowfields, fields and rocky areas that may be slippery, in short, very technical areas that slow down the pace of the race, so you have to have a good technique to function in these areas.
  • There may be some section equipped with fixed ropes at the discretion of the Organization.
  • The orography of the terrain, weather conditions or any other circumstance can make an aerial and rapid evacuation impossible and, although there will be checkpoints and specialized personnel distributed along the route, it is possible that the withdrawal or rescue is painful and lasting. One more reason why the broker must have adequate personal material (see list of mandatory material).


Article 6. Security regulations


  • At dusk it is mandatory to turn on the front and the position lighting device (a red bicycle position light is used), which must be placed on the back of the backpack to be visible by the participants behind.
  • It is mandatory to follow the indications of the controls and the security forces of the organization (GREIM of the Civil Guard and Firefighters).
  • It is mandatory to help a participant who demands help.
  • The Organization may withdraw a runner from the competition, and take away his race number, when they consider that he has diminished his physical or technical capacities due to fatigue and wear of the test, thus guaranteeing his safety. If the same, once the dorsal is withdrawn, decides to continue, it will be solely under his responsibility and out of all links with the race and its organization.
  • The Organization reserves the right to organize groups to progress together in the race for security reasons.


Article 7. Short security hours


  • Time limits will be established to ensure the safety of both participants and members of the test organization.
  • Runners who overcome these time barriers will not be allowed to continue in competition.
  • Security time cuts will be indicated on the website and in the Road Book


Article 8. Leaving and returning to Benasque


  • The Organization will have return points to Benasque in the following controls, always taking into account the difficulties and limitations of the communication infrastructures of the different points: on the one hand, Baños de Benasque, Llanos del Hospital, La Besurta, shelter of Crowns, Cerler and Eriste, which are points from which the return to Benasque does not entail difficulty due to its proximity; and on the other, the Llauset dam and Biadós refuge, from where the return is more complex and time-consuming, because these points are located in distant valleys and with more complicated communications.
  • Participants who leave at any of these points should indicate it to the person in charge of the control and will be taken to Benasque as soon as possible, prioritizing the needs of the transfers.
  • Those who leave must notify the Organization, either at a checkpoint or by contacting the Organization through the telephone number that will appear on the map and the number given to the runners.
  • In case of need of evacuation by accident or injury that prevents the approach on foot to one of the return points, the Organization should be notified by all possible means, contacting a person of control or security assistance to activate the rescue operation. In the case of the runners of the Great Trail Aneto-Posets they must activate the SOS button of the SPOT device that will directly alert the organization indicating the position of the corridor to proceed to its evacuation.


Article 9. Conditions of the participants

  • To have 18 years cumplidos el año de referencia.
  • Know and accept the conditions of this regulation.


Article 10. Bibs and identification bracelets


  • Participants must carry the bibs provided by the organization at all times and teach them to the organizational volunteers present there.
  • The dorsals cannot be cut, folded or modified.
  • At the time of picking up the rider and the runner's bag, the organization will place an identifying bracelet on each runner which must be carried by the runner throughout the weekend to be identified.


Article 11. Competition categories


  • «Great Trail Aneto-Posets »and« Back to Aneto »:

    • Absolute Category: both male and female, from 18 years of age in the reference year.
    • Veterans Subcategory A: both male and female, 40 to 50 years old who do not reach 51 the reference year.
    • Veterans Subcategory B: both male and female, from the age of 51 the reference year.


  • «Maratón de las Tucas»: 
    • Absolute Category: from 18 years of age in the reference year.
    • Subcategory Promise: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 years, that is to say that they do not turn 24 in the reference year.
    • Veterans Subcategory A: both male and female, 40 to 50 years old who do not reach 51 the reference year.
    • Veterans Subcategory B: both male and female, from the age of 51 the reference year.


All categories will be divided by gender, male and female.


Article 12. Team competition


  • There will be team competition in the "Great Trail Aneto-Posets" and in the "Tour of Aneto".
  • A classification will be established by teams that will be formed by 2 or 3 participants of the same route. The objective is to give a safety bonus, being able to help among the participants of the same team.
  • Team members must go, at all times, together.
  • If any member of the team retires or the team dissolves in the middle of the race for any reason, each member of the team may continue in competition, but will only qualify individually, causing a drop in the team classification.
  • Team registration can be done among participants who are already registered individually.
  • Team registration will open once the individual registration period ends in the month of July days before the test.


Article 13. Trophies and gift raffle


  • Trophies will be awarded to the first 3 runners of each category and subcategory of each event, both male and female.
  • A trophy will be awarded to the first 3 teams of the Great Trail Aneto-Posets and the Vuelta al Aneto.


Article 14. Mandatory Material


  • Each participant must have the mandatory material specified below. Although the list seems very long, it must be taken into account that much of the material is required to ensure the safety of the runners. Given the high mountain terrain where the tests take place, there may be significant changes in weather (torrential rains, hail, snow) and, in the event that an evacuation is extended longer than expected and done at night, participants They must have their own resources.
  • In the case of the Great Aneto-Posets Trail, runners will be required to carry the SPOT satellite tracker, which will be provided by the Organization, for security reasons. The broker or broker who loses said locator must pay its cost to the Organization.
  • In the case of the Marathon, the material is demanded no longer by the distance of the route, but by the height levels that are crossed and the possible complication in case of terrestrial evacuation. The medium through which it runs and the route make the material mandatory.
  • The use of minimalist footwear (sandal type or five fingers) is prohibited for long tests (Grand Trail and Lap) and advised against the Marathon due to the rugged terrain as the tests run through high mountains and it is necessary to wear appropriate footwear to this type of terrain.
  • All this material must pass a revision by the members of the Organization, which will take place before delivery of the bib. In it, it will be verified that the participant has everything necessary in the backpack and that it is in perfect conditions of use. The participant will sign a document taking responsibility for the contents of their backpack throughout the race.
  • Likewise, throughout the entire event every participant is obliged to teach it to the Organization if the Organization so requires. All this in order to establish a security framework for both brokers and organizers.


Material for the «Great Trail Aneto-Posets» and the «Back to the Aneto»

  • Dorsal, identification bracelet and map with the route (delivered by the organization).
  • Safety pins or back support system.
  • Thermal survival blanket (minimum 140 x 200 mm).
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing. (Forbidden to wear sandals, five fingers or similar)
  • Jacket with hood and long sleeve waterproof and breathable and with heat-sealed seams (recommended minimum 10,000 Schmerber and RET less than 13).
  • Long pants or tights, below the knee (mandatory to load them; do not run with them if you do not want to). (YOU WILL NOT LEG.)
  • Long sleeve thermal shirt with a minimum weight of 180g (size M) (NO sleeves).
  • Long warm gloves (with fingers). (NO mittens or latex gloves).
  • Cap or buff (to protect from the sun).
  • Cap (to protect from the cold).
  • Meal with number of marked dorsal in the wrappers.
  • Glass or other reusable container of 15 cl minimum for supplies.
  • Hydration system (minimum 1 liter).
  • Headlamp and battery set or replacement battery (minimum 35 lumens):
    • - For the Grand Trail: 2 front + batteries or spare battery for both. If they are the same front model, the same spare battery would be worth for both.
    • - For the Return to Aneto: 1 front + batteries or spare battery.
  • Red rear position light (bike rider type).
  • Elastic bandage / tapping bandage.
  • Mobile phone with the organization number saved and battery charged.
  • SPOT satellite tracker (provided by the Organization and only for the corridors of the Great Trail Aneto-Posets. THE BROKER WHO LOSES THIS LOCATOR MUST PAY THE COST TO THE ORGANIZATION).
  • Covers waterproof pants (the organization will decide based on the expected weather and will communicate).
  • Crampons (the organization will decide based on the expected weather and will communicate).


Material for the «Marathon of the Tucas»:

  • Dorsal and identification bracelet (delivered by the organization).
  • Safety pins or back support system.
  • Thermal survival blanket (minimum 140 x 200 mm).
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing.
  • Jacket with hood and long sleeve waterproof and breathable and with heat-sealed seams (recommended minimum 10,000 Schmerber and RET less than 13).
  • Long pants or tights, below the knee (mandatory to load them; do not run with them if you do not want to). (YOU WILL NOT LEG.)
  • Long sleeve thermal shirt with a minimum weight of 180g (size M) (NO sleeves).
  • Long gloves (with fingers). (NO mittens or latex gloves).
  • Cap or buff (to protect from the sun).
  • Meal with number of marked dorsal in the wrappers.
  • Hydration system (minimum 1 liter).
  • Glass or other reusable container of 15 cl minimum for supplies.
  • Headlamp.
  • Elastic bandage / tapping bandage.
  • Mobile phone with the organization number saved and battery charged.
  • Covers waterproof pants (the organization will decide based on the expected weather and will communicate).



Article 15. Recommended material

  • T-shirt and replacement socks.
  • Sun cream and petroleum jelly or anti-friction cream.
  • Watch with altimeter.
  • GPS
  • Sunglasses.
  • Compass.
  • First aid kit.
  • Water purification tablets.
  • Money in case you want to buy something in the cafeteria service of mountain shelters.
  • Cap (to protect from the cold). * For the Marathon of the Tucas.



Article 16. Life Exchange for the GTAP.

For the participants of the "Great Trail Aneto-Posets" the possibility of having their life bag with personal material in Benasque is offered, to make use of it in the intermediate passage through this locality.

  • Each participant of the "Great Trail Aneto-Posets" will deliver this bag identified with their number of dorsal in the area of collection of bibs in the pavilion of Benasque, place where it will find it when arriving at the intermediate passage through Benasque.
  • The recovery of the bags in Benasque will take place in the same pavilion. The bags will be delivered only with the presentation of the bib or identification bracelet. The bags must be recovered at the end of the race on Saturday or Sunday.
  • The contents of the bags will not be related or insured and the Organization will not be responsible for the content or be responsible for it in case of loss or theft. It is recommended not to deposit valuables.


Article 17. Control of material and output

Esta edición con motivo de la situación sanitaria que vivimos y para evitar las aglomeraciones de otras ediciones, no se realizará un control de material previo a la recogida del dorsal.  Se intensificarán los controles en el acceso a la salida y en el transcurso de la prueba se podrán establecer aleatoriamente más controles de material obligatorio que todo corredor deberá pasar dado el caso.

Prior to departure, a check will be made to access the closed exit site where the bib and identification wristband must be presented. Participants who do not carry the bib, the identification bracelet or the mandatory material, or who present it unusable or defective, or who carry the dorsal of another person may not take the exit.


Article 18. Penalties


Foul committed Penalty
Do not respect the marked route or route signage to stop 3 minutes to disqualification
Receive help or supplies outside the permitted areas (except assistance) of anyone who is a competitor or not 3 minutes to disqualification
Prevent being advanced or voluntarily obstruct another broker 3 minutes to disqualification
Not carry the material required by the organization in each control 3 minutes to disqualification
Ignore the indications of the organization 3 minutes to disqualification
Refuse to wear the bib or trim it Disqualification
Refuse, remove or change the marks of the material placed by the organization Disqualification
Replace some material required by the organization Disqualification
Climb the podium at the awards ceremony with a flag or symbol other than the officials of the Autonomous Community or club they represent Disqualification
Not participate, without just cause, in the official trophy ceremony Disqualification
Cause a sports incident (aggression or insult) to a competitor, member of the Organization or spectator Disqualification
Cause an accident voluntarily Disqualification
Participate under a false identity or impersonating another person Disqualification
Do not give assistance to a person in difficulty Disqualification
Refuse to control the mandatory material Disqualification
Dispose of waste voluntarily during the tour Disqualification
Departure from a checkpoint after the deadline Disqualification
Do not go through the mandatory step control points Disqualification


Article 19. Responsibilities

Participants run under their responsibility. The decision to take the exit and complete the race is yours.

Likewise, to participate in the "Great Trail Aneto-Posets" and the "Return to the Aneto" it is recommended that all runners perform an official medical review issued, at the most, three months before the start of the test and to train the athlete to Intensive sports practice in competition of this type of mountain racing.

All participants will sign at the time of registration a «Declaration of fitness for physical activity» in which the good state of health is expressed for practice in sports competition. These statements will be verified by the medical team of the organization and if they deem it appropriate, the participation of the broker in said test may be prohibited. The "Responsibility Sheet" prepared by the Organization will also be signed on the registration form itself.


Article 20. Registration Conditions


  • Registration Fees para las distintas pruebas en 2021:
    • Great Trail Aneto-Posets: 100 €
    • Return to Aneto: 75 €
    • Marathon of the Tucas: 60 €


  • As in previous editions it will be necessary for federated brokers to send us the tarjeta federativa del año 2021 que cubra la modalidad de carreras por montaña en España. Tras el cierre de las inscripciones se habilitará un formulario para adjuntarla.
  • All those participants who do not have any federation card that covers the practice of Mountain Racing in Spain (type FEDME, AE Trail, Caving ... -Autonomous licenses that do not cover Aragon do not work-), must pay a supplement of 6€ to process a day license.
  • To unsubscribe, there will be a withdrawal form available to the broker on the event website.
  • Cancellation Insurance Registration: the organization will make available to the registered brokers a cancellation insurance with a cost of 6 € which allows to recover 100 % of the registration until LUNES antes de la prueba, día 19 de julio. This insurance can only be requested at the time of registration.


  • For those brokers who do not contract the Cancellation Insurance, a part of the registration fee will be returned based on the following table:


CAREER Hasta el 15/06
Great Trail Aneto-Posets 25 €
Return to Aneto 20 €
Marathon of the Tucas 15 €


  • Once all the places have been completed no career or name changes will be allowed in the inscriptions. Likewise, no waiting lists will open in any of the tests. As in previous editions, registrations are managed with overbooking, that is, we admit more runners than available places, in order to anticipate possible cancellations.
  • The organization reserves at all times the Admission rights, those who try to participate with another person's number may not take the exit. In the event that someone does so and is detected by the organization during or after the test, they will be automatically disqualified and the organization reserves the right not to let them participate in subsequent editions of this event.
  • Registration for the equipment category (only for Grand Trail and Aneto Tour) will open, once the individual registration period has ended, in July, a few days before the test.
  • Only payment with credit card. Those who cannot pay by credit card can contact the organization through: inscriptions@trail-aneto.com.


Artículo 21. External assistance


Estará permitido recibir asistencia externa tan solo en los puntos de control o avituallamiento en los que haya personal de la Organización. En esta edición y para controlar el aforo en los espacios de avituallamiento solamente estará permitida la entrada de una persona por corredor a los avituallamientos para realizar la asistencia. En el caso del avituallamiento del paso intermedio por Benasque del GTAP se entregará a cada corredor una acreditación para que una persona pueda acceder al mismo.


Article 22 Image rights of the brokers


The runners of all the tests of the Great Trangoworld Aneto-Posets Trail give the Organization of the test the right to use any photograph, filming or recording that it takes, provided that its use is exclusively related to the participation in this event.


Article 23 Modifications


These regulations may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the Organization and will be notified in the "News" section of the official website. The fact of registering shows the participant's compliance with this regulation.

Everything that is not contemplated in this regulation will be governed by the current regulation of mountain races of the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation.